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Παρασκευή 3 Ιουλίου 2015

Experience the Wonderful Tastes and Sights of Pedoulas

Blog Post Sponsored by Castania Fruits, written by Anna Stylianou.

If you would like to experience traditional Cypriot food and tastes of the Marathasa area, do not hesitate to visit Pedoulas otherwise known as ‘in the valley of the cherries’. It’s an ideal place to relax and it is surrounded by many other interesting small villages that offer traditional food and tastes.

Here are 10 things I love doing in Pedoulas:

1. When I visit Pedoulas in the summer, I like to stop at the Xrystarounda picnic site on the Pedoulas - Kykkos road, it is the place to escape the summer heat and enjoy nature!

2. In the cool breeze of the early morning, I like to walk around the village and explore the various nature trails and passages there. Later I like to have lunch in one of the local restaurants and taste traditional Cyprus mezedes on offer.

3. I love Pedoulas’ local sweets: shoushouko and palouze made from grape must, pastellaki - a sweet made from nuts and honey. There are also a range of Cyprus glyko - preserved fruits in syrup, jams and honey available to buy in the local shops!

4. I love exploring nature, you can take the nature passage to the nearby Kalopanayiotis and walk through its charming streets and take a rest at one the local coffee shops to enjoy a traditional Cyprus coffee or maybe a cool drink. The Kykkos monastery is impressive and they hold festivals in 15th August and 8th September which brings many people to the village.

5. Pedoulas is surrounded by the Troodos mountains, where I like to collect wild mushrooms that grow there after the first rain in autumn. They are delicious when cooked in the oven or grill with some olive oil, lemon and oregano, served in a traditional Cyprus meze!

6. I love staying in Pedoulas because it is close to Troodos mountains In the winter months I love seeing the village covered in snow.

7. I love Pedoulas because there is the Folkloric Museum that exhibits the way of life, customs and traditions of the Marathasa village communities and includes traditional dresses, household and agricultural objects. I am intrigued to learn how people used to live and work in the past!

8. I love visiting the local wineries in nearby Kakopetria and Kykkos in the Marathasa area to try the wines made there.

9. I love spending a day to the nearby Moutoullas village known for its wood carvings. A visit the Saint of Moutoulas church (Panayia tou Moutoulla) the oldest painted UNESCO church in the region is worthwhile. I like to try some loukoumades or tashinopitas made at the local bakery.

10. I love Marathasa region because you can buy the prized dark red cherries and other fresh fruits grown here and just watch people as they go about their stress free lifestyle.

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